Empowerment Bible University is an educational subsidiary of Shekinah Tabernacle Ministries. Shekinah Tabernacle Ministries is a bona fide religious organization Incorporated with the State of Missouri. Shekinah Tabernacle Ministries is federally recognized as a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides spiritual, educational and economic resources for families and persons throughout the surrounding communities and globally.
After a Peer Review and evaluation and in recognition of meeting the High Standards of Academic Excellence, Empowerment Bible University has been awarded Certified Member Status by the National Accrediting Agency of Private Theological Institutions and has received full accreditation of curriculum, faculty and administration. Empowerment Bible University is thereby accredited to grant religious degrees at the Associate, Bachelor, and Masters Levels.
In accordance with subsection 173.616.2 RSMO of the Coordinating Board of Higher Education for the State of Missouri. Empowerment Bible University is exempt from the governmental requirements of the Missouri Department of Higher Education Proprietary School Certification Program based on the religious designation of the programs and degrees offered. All certificates, diplomas and degrees offered are completely religious, biblical, or theologically designated. Empowerment Bible University grants Certificates, Associate, Bachelor, and Master Degrees in Pastoral Studies, Theology, and Biblical Studies.
The Missouri Approving Agency for Veterans Education approved Empowerment Bible University for the education of veterans and their eligible dependents, National Guardsmen, and selected Reservists. This approving agency has APPROVED a course(s) offered by Empowerment Bible University for the education of veterans or eligible persons under the provisions of Section 3676, Title 38, United States Code, and Title 5, Missouri Code of State Regulations 60-9000.050 (CRS 20-500.370).
Statement of Understanding concerning Accreditation- The degree programs of Empowerment Bible University are designed solely for religious vocations. A number of fully accredited schools have accepted students with credits and/or degrees from Empowerment Bible University. Transference of credit cannot be guaranteed as all credit transfers are at the discretion of the accepting institution.