Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies

Purpose: Empowerment Bible University Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies provides students the ability to think and write critically about Christian history and theological topics. Students will be able to articulate an understanding of the person of Jesus, from an historical and theological perspective; identify significant theological concepts from the bible that pertain to the origins of Christian tradition. All students must complete 120 semester hours to earn the Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies. A minimum of 60 credit hours must be earned at the Empowerment Bible University.
The Degree Completion Plan (DCP) provides real-time advice and counsel, making it possible for students to track progress towards degree completion at their convenience. It also enables students to immediately see how their credits will apply towards a different degree program. 
Course Prerequisite: An Associate Degree is required for students seeking enrollment into a Bachelor degree program. An earned Associate Degree will be credited toward the Bachelor degree program. 
Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies Degree Requirements:
BIL306...Christian Ethics
BIL314...Spiritual Formation III
BIL315...Biblical Language (Greek I)
BIL331...Life and Journey of Paul
BIL400...Spiritual Formation IV
BIL416...Biblical Language (Greek II)
CCS339...Premarital and Marriage Counseling
CED313...Curriculum Development
CED421...Student Teaching Project
CHS321...History of Israel
LDR301...Leadership Principles
NTS350...Hebrews: The Better Covenant
PAS412...Pastoral Theology
PRE301...Homiletics I
PRE401...Homiletics II
SYS327...Systematic Theology III
THE300...Hermeneutics II
THE421...Apologetics II
THE462...Comparative Religions