Christian Counseling Courses

Note: the following courses content or course numbers may be changed with or without notice.
CCS133: Introduction to Biblical Counseling... This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of biblical counseling and demonstrates how pastors, ministers, and laypersons can use this counseling model to effect change and growth in Christian maturity. This course will assist in the establishment of a biblical counseling ministry in the local church.
CCS332: Group Counseling... This course is designed to teach the student how to initiate a small group program in a local church. The student will also learn principles of group counseling and their practical application in small groups.
CCS339: Premarital and Marriage Counseling... The course will examine a Bible-based marriage facing the challenges and instability of our secular environment and understanding the practical solutions to various marriage stressors.
CCS607: Cognitive Theories... The course of study will explore four major categories to include Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive/behavioral and Family systems. The student will become familiar with several theories associated with these four categories: Psychoanalysis, Adlerian, Jungian, Person-centered, Existential, Gestalt, Behavioral, Cognitive, Integrative, Structured family systems and Strategic family systems.