Christian Education Courses

Note: the following courses content or course numbers may be changed with or without notice.
CED101: Philosophy and History of Christian Education... This course presents an overview of Biblical, theological, historical, philosophical foundations, and the basic objectives of Christian education in the local church.
CED111: Dynamic Methods of Teaching... This course will discuss various teaching methods and models of instruction to equip students to become effective church teachers.
CED214: The Method and Message of Jesus’ Teachings... A practical study of the “how” (method) and the “what” (message) of Jesus’ teachings will be explored. This course will evaluate Jesus’ abundant use of proverbs, parables, paradox, and metaphors. Compare and contrast Jesus’ teachings’ along with sages and the prophets of the Old Testament.
CED313: Curriculum Development... This course provides a study of curriculum theories and principles for evaluating and selecting instructional materials for church and school educational ministries.
CED421: Student Teaching Project... The student is placed in a primary teaching role in a church or school under a supervised teacher. The student is responsible for writing and executing lesson plans and following the order of the classroom.
CED608: Designing Biblical Instruction... This course will study the teaching-learning process; practice in writing instructional objectives and designing plans for biblical curriculum development; and a study of task descriptions, motivation, and evaluation in teaching and learning.
CED617: Christian Education Concepts... This study will examine, evaluate, and afford the student with practical methods of classroom instruction and preparation of instructional materials with specific application from biblical examples. Each student will gain useful knowledge in writing behavioral objectives that include motivational teaching techniques, improved communication skills, classroom discipline, and teaching decorum.