Church History Courses

Note: the following courses content or course numbers may be changed with or without notice.


CHS201: Church History I from the Birth of the Church to 1499 AD... The course will cover the church's fulfillment of the Great Commission, its growth against different challenges and opposition, its struggles with false ideas and practices from within and without, and how the Lord - in spite of human failing - preserved, guided, and built his church.
CHS202: Church History II from 1500 to the Present Day... The course will cover the major developments of the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Counter-Reformation, later renewal with Pietism in Lutheran Germany and the evangelical revivals in the English-speaking world, the missionary movement around the globe, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the twentieth century. Attention will be given to the church's ongoing struggles against secularism and modernity in our age. Prerequisite: Church History I.
CHS321: History of Israel... A study of the original development of the people of Israel from the call of Abraham to the period after their exile. Focus is on key events, individuals and eras studied with special emphasis on the exodus, conquest of Canaan, the monarchy, divided kingdom and exile teacher.