Degree Programs

Empowerment Bible University degree programs and courses are structured to give every student a thorough background in Bible and doctrine. Thus, every student regardless of area of concentration is a Bible major. The curriculum also provides students with a complimentary foundation in general education in order that they might have a comprehension of the history, language, thought, and expression of past and present world cultures. All of this is designed to assist students to develop a truly biblical world and life view.
Bible and Theology Department: Students completing courses in the Bible and Theology Department should be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge of the Old and New Testament and how it leads men and women to Jesus Christ and His perfect plan for mankind.
Demonstrate knowledge in guiding men and women who are hurting emotionally, spiritually, and mentally; and help them find hope.
Defend his/her faith to men and women, and lead them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Rightly divide the Word of Truth and have sound understanding of Bible doctrine.
Communicate the Word of God in counseling, preaching, and evangelism.