Master of Science in Pastoral Studies

Program Description: The Master of Science in Pastoral Studies is designed for those students who already have a foundation in biblical studies. Professional ministry vocations, for which the degree is primarily designed to equip students, include pastoral ministry, missions, chaplains and others with a biblical and theological basis for church related ministries.  The program also serves as the foundational degree to prepare students for further studies in preparation for vocations in research, teaching, and writing in biblically related fields. Consequently, Empowerment Bible University seeks to maintain a healthy balance in the program among the biblical, theological, and practical studies. All students must complete 36 credit hours to earn the Master of Science in Pastoral Studies Degree. A minimum of 30 credit hours must be earned through Empowerment Bible University.
The Degree Completion Plan (DCP) provides real-time advice and counsel, making it possible for students to track progress towards degree completion at their convenience. It also enables students to immediately see how their credits will apply towards a different degree program. 
Course Prerequisite: A Bachelor Degree is required for students seeking enrollment into a Master degree program. 
Master of Science in Pastoral Studies Degree Requirements:
BIL515...Biblical Language (Hebrew I)
CCS607...Cognitive Theories
CED608...Designing Biblical Instruction
CED617...Christian Education Concepts
LDR612...Ministry Leadership Coaching
NTS502...New Testament Theology
OTS501...Old Testament Theology I
OTS612...Old Testament Theology II
PAS603...Total Quality Management for Churches
THE503...Hermeneutics III
THE504...Apologetics III
THE622...Examining World Religion