Old Testament Courses

Note: the following courses content or course numbers may be changed with or without notice.


OTS101: Old Testament Survey I... A semester course study of the Old Testament from Genesis to Esther; all the books associated with Moses and the historical books. This course begins with creation; explains the four generations of Abraham’s family; portrays Moses’ life and calling, and covers the entire history of Israel as a nation.


OTS102: Old Testament Survey II... This semester course continues the study of the Old Testament from Job to Malachi. This course elaborates on the wisdom, song, and prophetic books.


OTS230: Poetic Books... Selected portions of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon are studied with respect to divine inspiration and practical teaching.


OTS410: Major Prophets... A historical and doctrinal study of the four Major Prophets, focusing on the decline of Judah and Israel.  Emphasis will be placed on the Messianic and eschatological prophecies.


OTS501: Old Testament Theology... This course of study is an in depth study in a systematic chapter-by-chapter review of OT with great emphasis placed on the spiritual principles that shall govern the relationship of creation with the Creator.


OTS612: Old Testament Theology II... This is a comprehensive course study of the Old Covenant Books exploring the prophetical writings of the Major and Minor Prophets. The goal is to help students understand and make application of the principles, practices and the purpose of God’s Divine Plan for humanity as is outlined in the Old Testament.


OTS620: Minor Prophets... A study of the twelve minor prophets concentrating on the social, political, and religious conditions of their time. The course will compare and contrast their messages with the thinking of their day.