Pastoral Courses

Note: the following courses content or course numbers may be changed with or without notice.
PAS408: Church Growth... A survey of the theological, sociological, and statistical dimensions of church growth as they relate to evangelism, church development, and Christian education.
PAS412: Pastoral Theology... The study of the theological bases as well as the practical implications of the professional activities of religious workers.
PAS420: Pastor, Church, and Law... This course provides students a clear understanding of the major laws affecting churches and clergy. This course examines the role of the Law and the Pastor, Law and the Church, and the relation of Church and State.
PAS426: Effective Pastoring... This course will study theories, methodologies and concepts vital to leading and transforming parishioners and church leaders. This course addresses the practical applications of pastoring that have the greatest impact on leading churches.
PAS603: Total Quality Management for Churches... This course will introduce students to the process of TQM, the principles and procedures as they relate to the church.